On November 4, 2010, I had the privilege and honor of recording with Jessie Clark Funk, Jen Handy, April Meservy, and several other beautiful and talented women at Mike Green's studio Rotosonic sound with Kurt Bestor and Tyler Castleton.  What a great evening! Old friends, new friends, great food, and phenomenal music!  Does life really get much better than this?

In Spring, 2011 the new Kurt Bestor, Tyler Castleton CD "Women of Hope" that I had the honor of recording in the choir on the songs "Light of Hope" and "By Our Love" was released by Deseret Book.

March 23, 2011, I received my copy of the CD, and all I can say is wow...  What a remarkable compilation effort by Tyler Castleton and Kurt Bestor.  The combination of fresh new voices and familiar favorites, spinning around the room and filling the air with gently healing melodies, and a sweet spirit, soothing your soul and uplifting your heart.  It's the perfect release for Spring, fresh, new, bright, and full of hope and promise. 

With Mercy River, Hilary Weeks, April Meservy, Katherine Nelson, and so many others how can you go wrong!  The women's voices are truly angelic.  An instant favorite! 

You can buy the CD at Deseret book at http://deseretbook.com/Women-Hope-Compilation/i/5055980. 

Women of Hope Nov 4, 2010